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Green Credit-Linked
Note (CLN)
AURE Group aims to become a leader in the modular commercial buildings industry by providing business owners and private tenants with sustainable and easily managed modular property of the future.
AURE Group
AURE Group is targeting the $200bn global modular construction market. Its smart and sustainable modular property will reduce construction time and costs by up to 50%, reduce CO2 emissions, noise pollution and construction waste, and set the new standards for smart operation and management. AURE Group will comply with European and Swiss standards for green and sustainable buildings and install solar power plants to provide access to renewable energy.
AURE Group utilizes an efficient and profitable model - building the property instead of buying it. Then the buildings are rented out to retail, office and hospitality sectors to create a synergetic environment. The modular architecture of the buildings will speed up construction and simplify property maintenance. Each of the buildings will be equipped with smart building technologies to improve energy efficiency, resource saving and efficient facility management.
Global Modular Construction Market
AURE Group is run by a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in IT solutions for real estate and construction. The company secured co-financing for the first project in the amount of €4M from two major Swiss banks - Credit Suisse and UBS. Additional €4M investment is required right now to purchase land plots and begin construction of modular buildings.
Expected Share
€5M worth initial credit-linked note issued in Q4 2021

Flexible interest rate: up to 5 years – 7% per annum, 5 years or more – 8% per annum

Loan secured by Swiss land and real estate on the AURE’s balance sheet

Full alignment with the Green Bond Principles

Monitor your loan after investment with digital monitoring tools and full transparency brought by blockchain technology

Construction Industry
- long time to market
- rising cost of materials
- labor shortage
- low productivity & profitability
- construction waste
- carbon emissions
- low energy-efficiency
of managing buildings in the hospitality, office and retail sectors due to lack of smart technologies
of projects
Environmental challenges
Smart and Sustainable
Modular Buildings
Reduced CO2, noise pollution and construction waste
Up to 50% reduced construction time and costs
Smart operation and management
It Works
AURE purchases promising land plots (in Switzerland for the first stage). AURE prefabricates 2D/3D blocks of modular building from lightweight steel frame (LSF) in a dedicated factory in partnership with KNAUF Group.
Blocks are equipped with RFID tags and transported to the construction site. Building is built very quickly, by moving the prefabricated blocks based on the design scheme and RFID tags. Finishing and landscaping works are carried out.
The buildings are rented to retail businesses, offices and hotels.
Investors receive 8% of annual interest payments from the green credit-linked note.
Our Partners

Q3-Q4 2021

Raise up to €5M to purchase land plots and construction materials

Q1-Q2 2022

Purchasing land plots, start of construction

Q3-Q4 2022

First clients renting the commercial buildings

Q1-Q3 2023

Scaling, purchasing more land plots in Switzerland

Q1-Q3 2023

Expanding geography to EU, UAE

and other countries

A serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in IT solutions for real estate and construction. In 2009 founded a startup Alphaopen and managed to expand its capitalization to over USD 15 million, and in 2020 attracted large-scale investments from the two largest infrastructure funds.
Alex Kucheruk / Founder
A successful entrepreneur and real estate expert. Since 2005 she has offered advice on the sale of investment properties in Switzerland to international investors. Tatiana has been organising cultural and business events in Switzerland for many years. In 2018, she became an ambassador for The Social, a business networking community which counts more than 42’000 members worldwide.
Tatiana Vogt / CEO
An expert in project management and technologies in the field of construction and development. Under his management, several major projects were implemented by the well known construction company STRABAG AG. As a project manager he successfully implemented many contemporary buildings with a total area of 500+ thousand square meters. In the AURE Group, he is responsible for the construction phase of AURE buildings.
Slava Makaroff / CTO
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How is the investment round structured?
Issuance of green credit-linked notes (CLNs) to attract initial finance for purchasing the land plots and beginning the construction (Q3-Q4 2021)
What is a green CLN?
A credit linked note (CLN) is an investment instrument linked to a private loan agreement with AURE Group AG. The holders of the CLN will receive annual interest payments.

Green label adds additional environmental KPIs, making sure that the use of proceeds from the CLN will go to sustainable projects & assets.

The invested funds will be used for Green and Sustainable construction projects (AURE Buildings) in accordance with the Green Bond Principles.
How is your CLN structured?
The private placement of the CLN will be arranged by Clarus Capital Group AG, awarded as one of the Top 50 Independent Asset Managers in Switzerland. The proceeds from CLN will be managed by AURE Group AG through a corporate account with UBS Switzerland AG bank.

The amount of the initial CLN issue will be up to €5M. The interest rate depends on the investment period:
  • Up to 5 years – 7% per annum,
  • 5 years or more – 8% per annum.
Risks are secured by land and real estate on the balance sheet of AURE Group AG.
What green framework will you use?
For loans to be considered green, they must go through the green labeling procedure. Recommendations and guidelines for this procedure are described in the Green Bond Principles (GBP) developed by the Loan Market Association. We will follow GBP and arrange our documentation accordingly.
Anything special about the green CLN issuance?
The green framework will be created using the EVERCITY.IO blockchain platform with the integration of monitoring tools to provide additional transparency while implementing sustainable KPIs.

The CLN will be issued in traditional way. All KPIs of AURE's green and sustainable construction projects will be stored transparently using the blockchain and publicly reported through the EVERCITY.IO platform.
How can the CLN be purchased?
The CLN can be purchased over the counter (OTC) through Swiss banks and the majority of international banks using the unique ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) CH1121996164.
What is the expected use of proceeds?
The money will be used to purchase land plots and build commercial modular property that will be rented out to clients in the hospitality, office and retail sectors.

The main expenditure items will be:
a. Land acquisition
b. Construction costs
c. Operating costs
d. Financial expenses (returning % of borrowed funds)
e. Real estate insurance
f. Staff
How often are you planning to raise?
The EUR 8M funding will be sufficient approximately for the first 2 years, or to construct 3-5 buildings (up to 15,000 square meters gross building area). After that we are planning to attract additional capital through a Security Token Offering round and additional CLN issue. After the third year we may consider raising funds annually.
What is the current state of the project?
The company secured co-financing of the first project in the amount of €4M from two major Swiss banks - Credit Suisse and UBS. The company aims to raise up to €5M additionally. Starting investments are required right now to purchase land plots and begin construction of modular buildings. After the completion of the first project, banks are ready to provide 50% co-financing for all further construction projects of AURE Group AG.
Where will the land be purchased? What is the land area?
The plots are located in dynamic areas of various Swiss cantons: Zurich, Zug, St.Gallen, Bern, Basel, Geneve and others.The area of each land plot is usually 1-2 thousand square meters.
What kind of building will be constructed on the purchased land? What are the materials
and the area size?
The building will be constructed of LSF (lightweight steel frame constructions), with facades made of fiber-cement panels with various designs (wood, brick and concrete style). Also, a special thermal glass will be used to ensure energy efficiency of the building. The planned gross building area (GBA) is 2-4 thousand square meters, depending on the permitted building size on each land plot.
What is the timeline for the construction of the first building?
First building: 8-9 months including design, production of modular constructions, logistics and installation. The next ones will be much faster, up to 3-4 months for the entire construction cycle.
What is the overall timeline for the project?
We plan to gradually increase the number of constructed buildings: 1-2 during the first year, 3-4 during the second, etc. By 2027, we plan to build at least15-20 buildings per year with a total GBA of 40-50 thousand square meters.
What is the technology used to construct the buildings?
  • Modular construction
  • Energy efficient building
  • Renewable energy sources
What makes the buildings sustainable?
The modular construction is proved to be more sustainable than traditional methods. In addition, the AURE Group will comply with European and Swiss standards for green and sustainable buildings.
Do you know the carbon footprint of the buildings/project?
The carbon footprint calculations will be made in accordance with international standards on the stage of the construction.
Who will be service providers of the property?
  • Buildings will be connected to the authorized local resource providers.
  • Solar power companies will provide panels for renewable electricity supply.
  • Facility management will be provided by local FM partners, supervised by AURE.
How will the buildings be administered?
Local smart building technologies for energy efficiency, resource saving and efficient facility management will be put in place. The modular architecture of the building will allow for easier monitoring and maintenance.
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